My History

Ambitious, career-focused recruitment consultant with a background in software development. Organized and dependable, successful at managing multiple priorities with a positive attitude. Willingness to take on added responsibilities to meet team goals and also learn missing skills in my own time to work to improve what I can bring to the team.

Specialist Recruitment Consultant

Kensington Additive, Chorley  •  Oct 2021 - Present

I am a seasoned recruitment professional, with a focus on the highly specialized field of additive manufacturing. Through my efforts, I have successfully built a robust network of clients and candidates within this industry, and have taken on a leadership role as the Head of Software Recruitment.

My strengths lie in my exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, coupled with my adept networking abilities. I have a proven track record in sourcing, screening, and interviewing top-tier candidates, and possess a deep understanding of employer branding and talent acquisition strategies.

I am proud to have been the exclusive recruitment partner for GE Additive, where I served as the solo account director. In my first year, I exceeded expectations by generating over £100,000 in billings and received glowing feedback from both clients and candidates.

My contributions were further recognized by my company with the prestigious "Players Player" and "Recognition Award" awards. I also supported the marketing team by creating compelling content and video introductions for our consultants.

In addition, I developed software solutions to improve recruitment practices, which included an intranet and digital tools for tracking consultant targets and accessing lead data. I also implemented an interactive service model to enhance the company's approach to business development.

Sourcing  •  Screening  •  Interviewing  •  Networking  •  Negotiating  •
Organising  •  Branding  •  Communication  •  Strategies  •  Time-management  •  Business Development  •  Recruitment  •  Talent Acquisition  •  JavaScript  •  CSS  •  HTML  •  C#

LG Sales Ambassador

Retail Marketing Group, Oldham  •  Nov 2016 - Oct 2021

I am a driven and enthusiastic sales professional, who thrives in fast-paced environments. I am proud to have achieved the highest number of sales over peak season in the North team for two consecutive years.

I possess a deep understanding of the latest technology in the home entertainment industry, and have a strong product knowledge that allows me to expertly communicate technical features and benefits to customers in a clear and understandable manner.

I have a proven track record of sales success, consistently meeting or exceeding targets. My strong customer service skills have enabled me to build and maintain positive relationships with customers, and I possess a keen ability to problem-solve and overcome objections to close sales.

I am able to work well under pressure and am flexible and adaptable, able to quickly adapt to changes in technology and product obsolescence.

I have traveled to multiple stores across the UK, including locations such as Blackpool, Warrington, and Blackburn, in both Currys and John Lewis stores, to train staff and promote brand awareness.

Sales  •  Consultative Selling  •  Product Knowledge   •   Presentation   •  Communication  •  Negotiation  •  Customer Service    •  Solution Selling  •  Adaptability  •  Brand Ambassador  •  Relationship Building

Microsoft Representitive

Retail Marketing Group, Preston  •  Jun 2015 - Jan 2016

I engaged with customers by welcoming them, assisting them in finding the merchandise they were looking for, and providing suitable options to meet their needs. My strong communication and interpersonal skills allow me to establish and maintain positive relationships with customers.

My successful sales track record is demonstrated by consistently achieving or surpassing sales targets, which is achieved through utilizing effective sales techniques and building lasting relationships with customers.

My experience in upselling and cross-selling products contributes to increasing sales and customer satisfaction. My deep understanding of product features and benefits enables me to communicate them effectively to customers.

I am able to work independently and as a team member, and adapt to changing sales environments and customer needs.

Sales  •  Consultative Selling  •  Product Knowledge   •   Presentation   •  Communication  •  Negotiation  •  Customer Service    •  Solution Selling  •  Adaptability  •  Brand Ambassador  •  Relationship Building

Software Development

Throughout my professional journey, I have been instrumental in developing a variety of tools and platforms to enhance the performance and efficiency of not just myself, but also my colleagues and team members.

Coconut Milk

JavaScript • CSS • HTML

A streamlined platform that significantly accelerates recruitment practices by providing quick and easy access to essential platforms, tools, and training materials.

Service Model

JavaScript • CSS • HTML

An interactive web platform that illustrates the various opportunities for collaboration with Kensington Additive, and effectively improves business development outcomes for consultants.

Company Map


A Unity-powered app featuring an interactive map displaying both current and potential clients, complete with crucial information such as location, number of employees, and the status of any agreements or negotiations.