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“During our partnership, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Zak for multiple reasons:

1) Positive and professional demeanor - Zak was always a pleasure to speak to and was prepared to transition quickly to the task at hand.
2) Attention to detail - Zak was extremely organized and had well prepared notes and status updates for each of our conversations. This allowed us to quickly prioritize and focus on our biggest opportunities.
3) Results focused - Zak drove our conversions and followed up with leaders in a respectful but firm manner to drive candidate experience, timely requisition closure, and reduced time to fill.

Appreciate your partnership Zak, best of luck to you!”

Jeff — Jeff, Global HR Business Partner at GE Additive

“I had the pleasure of working with Zak and Kensington Additive on the development of their new website. They chose Wave (WaveSites) as their new website provider. Throughout the process, I was consistently impressed by Zak's knowledge on the development process, clear communication and his strong collaborative spirit. Specifically, Zak demonstrated his knowledge of the recruitment industry by outlining the specific niche in which Kensington Additive is recruiting talents. His ability to adapt to ideas and suggestions proved invaluable in the positive outcome for the project. These qualities, coupled with his positive personality traits, created a smooth and productive collaboration. Overall, I highly recommend Zak as recruitment consultant to anyone seeking a new job in the additive manufacturing industry. His collaborative spirit, clear communication, and strong understanding of the recruitment landscape make him an outstanding consultant.”

Dino — Dino Halugić, Digital Project Manager at WaveSites

“Zak helped me a lot during my job search by suggesting a very interesting job position to me and guiding me through the company's recruitment process. I was approached by Zak when I was looking for a new job as a software developer. He suggested a very interesting job position that greatly matched my profile. Since it is quite common in my field to be approached by recruiters, I really appreciate being notified of an offer that actually aligns very well with my interests. Zak guided me through the recruitment process, and being able to discuss with an ally is very helpful in that sort of situation. I was given helpful pointers and tips, and had the opportunity to share updates and unpack things with him regularly via email or on the phone. Overall, I really appreciated the help and care, and I wish all head hunters were like this. Thank you for your help Zak.”

 — Aurelien, FullStack Developer at Tech Soft 3D | Candidate

“Zak is exceptional at what he does! while we worked together we never missed any details in the interview process, we always kept in touch through emails, phone calls, left messages, our communication was direct and honest, Zak was always an advocate and negotiator, so that the (us) both parties came to a final agreement.”

 — Ivethe, Manufacturing Engineer | Candidate

“Zak and I connected while I was in the middle of a job hunt, and it was a blast from start to finish. He listened intently as I spoke about my previous job experience and future career goals, and quickly paired me with an engineering position I was very interested in. Although I ended up accepting an offer with a different firm, Zak made the process a breeze: vouched to the employers on my behalf, set up an interview time and date, and briefed me on the company and how I should prepare for the interview, not to mention he was extremely personable and cordial the whole time! Even if it is many years down the road, if my employment situation was to change and I am in need of a recruiter, Zak will definitely be one of the first people I reach out to. Keep up the great work!”

 — Kostadin, Embedded Systems Engineer | Candidate

“Throughout our collaboration, Zak demonstrated exceptional professionalism and proficiency in understanding our company's needs and the nuances of our industry. His interactions were fast and seamless, providing timely responses and assistance whenever required. Zak displayed a keen ability to identify highly qualified candidates swiftly, showcasing a deep understanding of our requirements. In fact, his efforts were so effective that we found ourselves presented with not one, but two exceptionally promising candidates. As a result, we are currently considering expanding our team by filling the position twice, a testament to Zak's outstanding talent acquisition skills.”

 — Fritz Lang, Co-Founder & CEO at 3D Spark

“Very friendly and incredibly efficient, Zak helped me to successfully land the role I applied for. Zak provided consistent and frequent support throughout the entire recruitment process, with prompt responses via LinkedIn, phone and email. All my queries were handled professionally and the appropriate information was found out when needed. As a British national working in Germany, I was also impressed by Zak's acommodation and understanding of the various bureacratic complexities of recruiting a foreign worker. Overall, an excellent experience with Zak and Kensington Additive: would fully recommend to anyone looking to pursue a new role or career within the Additive Manufacturing space - even outside of their own country.”

 — Leila, Sales Manager at 3D Spark | Candidate

“I had the pleasure of being recruited by Zak and I really appreciated his work. He found the perfect project and company for me when it wasn't easy, especially because of my location.
I worked as a consultant for a few years and have been in contact with many recruiters and HR managers and Zak may be the best I've met. He gets the job done, he has exceeded all my expectations, he is kind, he is available, he really cares about the person he is interviewing, he does his best to make sure everyone is satisfied, he tries to get feedback and he also provides honest feedback. I don't have any words to say how happy I am with the project he recruited me for.

As a recruiter, I would call his work perfect, but as a person, his kindness, honesty, and thoroughness are the reasons I have no doubt that he is the best recruiter I have ever met.
He is committed to getting the best for everyone he works with and it shows in his demeanor.”

 — Benjamin, Fullstack Developer at Tech Soft 3D | Candidate

“Zak, Thanks for all your help. Appreciate your insights and support. Chuck”

 — Chuck, US Sales Manager at CEAD Group | Candidate

“Zak has been extremely helpful with recruiting process going beyond and extra with his outstanding recruiting skills to make process smooth and more reliable.

Furthermore, Zak is not only an expert in recruiting but also a great mentor and coach. He has provided valuable insights, advice, and resources to help prepare for interviews and enhance personal brand during the recruiting processes.

I am extremely happy that I got to work with him.”

 — Jananath, DevOps Engineer | Candidate

“You have been supportive and encouraging throughout the whole process. You were always on time to help me get things done . You took care of everything that needed to be cleared up. You were always friendly and sincere with your comments. I can easily say that, this was the best recruitment experience I have ever had. Thank you for your efforts.”

 — Oguz, Product Safety & Regulatory Engineer | Candidate

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