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Ambitious, career-focused recruitment consultant with a background in software development. Organized and dependable, successful at managing multiple priorities with a positive attitude. Willingness to take on added responsibilities to meet team goals and also learn missing skills in my own time to work to improve what I can bring to the team.

Specialist Head Hunter

Throughout my career, I have gained extensive experience working within the Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing industry, both in the UK, Europe, and the US. I am adept at sourcing and profiling candidates, building strong relationships with clients, and have a proven track record in conducting and coordinating successful video interviews. My skills in networking and communication have allowed me to excel in this field and make a positive impact in the industry.

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Second Class Graduate

Throughout my studies at the University of Central Lancashire, I actively sought out opportunities to develop my leadership skills by participating in a program based in Cyprus. My dedication and hard work paid off as I received the highest marks for my project in the challenging Games Concepts module. I graduated with a 2:2 degree in Computer Games Development, a testament to my dedication and passion for the field.

Microsoft Accreditation

During my tenure at Microsoft, I was actively involved in the promotion of the 'Surface' range of devices and had the privilege of taking part in the launch of the widely popular Windows 10 operating system in July 2015. This opportunity required me to participate in an intensive training course at Microsoft's headquarters, which ultimately resulted in my accreditation.

LG Sales Executive

I was honored to work for LG Electronics for 5 years, where I put in a great effort to achieve and exceed sales targets. I am proud to have been the top salesman in the north region for LG's premium OLED TV's during the peak Christmas period.


I have always been passionate about music and began my journey by learning the Violin in primary school, then progressing to the keyboard in high school, and later teaching myself to play the Ukulele during my university studies. My degree served as a foundation and allowed me to continue pursuing my passion by writing and producing music in my spare time.

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I have pursued my passion for music by creating a home studio where I can record and produce my own compositions. Shortly after setting up this workspace, I established 'BBStudio', a business venture that rents out my equipment to local content creators at competitive rates.

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Recent Projects

Developed and launched the Unity3D game "Elgars Revenge," in which players must level up their stats and explore different kingdoms to take revenge after their village is invaded.

Created "Coconut Milk," a JavaScript-based chrome extension that streamlines the recruitment process by automating repetitive tasks, such as copying and sending replies to potential candidates.

Producing an EP titled "It's All Relative," featuring 8 original tracks. Writing music since 2021, with the goal of releasing the EP on Spotify before Summer 2023. Available for listening on YouTube or SoundCloud.


Happy Clients

“During our partnership, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Zak for multiple reasons:

1) Positive and professional demeanor - Zak was always a pleasure to speak to and was prepared to transition quickly to the task at hand.
2) Attention to detail - Zak was extremely organized and had well prepared notes and status updates for each of our conversations. This allowed us to quickly prioritize and focus on our biggest opportunities.
3) Results focused - Zak drove our conversions and followed up with leaders in a respectful but firm manner to drive candidate experience, timely requisition closure, and reduced time to fill.

Appreciate your partnership Zak, best of luck to you!”

Jeff — Jeff, Global HR Business Partner at GE Additive

“Zak helped me a lot during my job search by suggesting a very interesting job position to me and guiding me through the company's recruitment process. I was approached by Zak when I was looking for a new job as a software developer. He suggested a very interesting job position that greatly matched my profile. Since it is quite common in my field to be approached by recruiters, I really appreciate being notified of an offer that actually aligns very well with my interests. Zak guided me through the recruitment process, and being able to discuss with an ally is very helpful in that sort of situation. I was given helpful pointers and tips, and had the opportunity to share updates and unpack things with him regularly via email or on the phone. Overall, I really appreciated the help and care, and I wish all head hunters were like this. Thank you for your help Zak.”

Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template by FreeHTML5.co — Aurelien, Candidate

“Great service and professional approach. Real pleasure to work with!”

Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template by FreeHTML5.co — Aleksejs, Candidate

“I really enjoy working with you. You have given great service and are honest. It’s good to have someone who drives the process. Keeps the ball rolling asking for feedback. I really appreciate the work you guys do.”

Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template by FreeHTML5.co — Hiring Manager

“I had the pleasure of being recruited by Zak and I really appreciated his work. He found the perfect project and company for me when it wasn't easy, especially because of my location.
I worked as a consultant for a few years and have been in contact with many recruiters and HR managers and Zak may be the best I've met. He gets the job done, he has exceeded all my expectations, he is kind, he is available, he really cares about the person he is interviewing, he does his best to make sure everyone is satisfied, he tries to get feedback and he also provides honest feedback. I don't have any words to say how happy I am with the project he recruited me for.

As a recruiter, I would call his work perfect, but as a person, his kindness, honesty, and thoroughness are the reasons I have no doubt that he is the best recruiter I have ever met.
He is committed to getting the best for everyone he works with and it shows in his demeanor.”

Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template by FreeHTML5.co — Benjamin, Candidate

“Such an exciting game! So fun to play! I love the achievements and keeps you occupied for hours! I'd give this 10 stars if I could.”

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Fun Facts

Over 1 thousand downloads of the Google Play game Burtle, my first android based game! Over 50 tracks written and recorded. Over 1 hundred studio sessions with singers, rappers and DJs. 10 thousand hours invested into personal development.

1K+ Downloads
1+ Recorded Tracks
1+ Studio Sessions
1K+ Hours Spent
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